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Aluminum iPhone 6 Case


0.1lb / 5.5W x 0.3D x 2.8H in
0.0kg / 14.0W x 0.9D x 7.0H cm


0.1lb / 4.0W x 0.8D x 2.9H in
0.1kg / 10.2W x 1.9D x 7.2H cm
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Aluminum iPhone Case (SE)


0.1lb / 5.1W x 0.3D x 2.3H in
0.0kg / 13.0W x 0.9D x 5.8H cm
Aluminum iPhone 6 Plus Case


0.1lb / 6.4W x 0.3D x 3.1H in
0.1kg / 16.2W x 0.9D x 8.0H cm