1,200 Baggage Crews Handled This Aluminum Case; That Proves It’s Extraordinary

Yes. It’s aluminum.
How else could it stand up to 600 Atlantic crossings and the “tender-loving care” of 1,200 different baggage crews?

Yes. It’s rain and dust-proof.
How else could it protect anything a pilot or traveling businessman might pack in it against anything nature can throw at it, not to mention those 1,200 baggage crews?

What’s more, it’s got a dye-fact, color-fashioned interior and tempered aluminum hangers that just won’t break.

Yes. It will match.
The design is a classic.

Only the latches have been changed to improve them. A combination lock has been added. And you now have a choice of silver, gold or other color anodized finishes.

Yes. It costs more.
How else could ZERO Halliburton make this extraordinary line of aluminum luggage so completely extraordinary?

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