Monthly Archives: June 2012

Truck vs. ZERO Halliburton Aluminum Case

My husband appreciated carrying a ZERO Halliburton aluminum briefcase when he was hit by a truck while crossing a street corner. The truck was making a left turn onto the street he was crossing. The driver was blinded by the sun and did not see him. The sore shoulder he suffers is minor compared to the severity of injuries he could have suffered had he not been carrying his ZERO Halliburton. Needless to say, the driver has offered to pay […]

Photos From Italy

An Italian customer sent us some photos. He says, “I love my ZERO Air carry-on! The lightness of the luggage is just amazing. What I like most is that the silent wheelers…they are so smooth and silent.” We are really happy when we hear happy customers’ voices!

Excavation Business With ZERO Halliburton

After buying various briefcases of leather, plastic and cardboard over the years, this (ZERO Halliburton) briefcase was an answer to my problems. In the underground (excavation) business on occasion I have taken my briefcase on the tractor, or backhoe with me. Unfortunately, after working on a Saturday for my brother-in-law, removing junipers from his yard, we had an accident. This occurred when I needed room in the cab of the dump truck for my daughter. I then put my briefcase […]

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