A Federal Investigator’s ZERO Halliburton Case

A federal investigator writes this about his ZERO Halliburton attache case.

“While engaged in my investigative duties I placed my Black Pearl attache next to the vehicle, in which I was riding. Parked on the sidewalk, the driver got in to drive the vehicle off the curb, when for some unknown reason the car stopped. Having forgotten where I had placed my briefcase, I was shocked to discover it was my attache lodged between the vehicle frame and the street.

The driver eventually backed up, rolling over the top of the case. Needless to say, the case was a little worse for the wear. However, to our amazement, the contents were completely protected.

I had always heard that ZERO Halliburton cases could withstand the toughest punishment. But, I never imagined it could withstand the weight of an automobile!”

—Truly Impressed in California

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