A Story About A Coffee Importer’s ZERO Halliburton Case

What happens when you cross an out of control vehicle with a ZERO Halliburton in your car’s trunk? – Here’s an answer:

-August 1st, 1995

“By now I imagine you are still trying to figure out why you are all staring at this mangled hulk of what used to be an Onyx case. First, let me assure you that I am not returning it for a defect in workmanship or manufacturing. In fact, I am giving it back to you to serve as what I hope will be yet another testament to your cases life saving abilities.

I am a coffee importer and frequently travel to Latin America and Africa. When I originally started purchasing “ZEROs” (first a silver then this onyx and most recently a black pearl) I did so with the belief that in addition to being stylish and sturdy, if need be the case would also prove both bullet and knife proof. Fortunately, the need has never arisen in the past two decades to test my theory.

A short time ago however, an event did occur which created a scenario that I had not previously planned for. I was traveling home in my Mercedes 560 SL. As I was stopped, the car was struck in the rear by an out of control vehicle. As you can see, my case which was in the trunk took the bulk of the impact. I truly believe that if not for my onyx case absorbing the impact I would surely have been crushed and most seriously injured. In fact I walked away without a scratch on me.

Unfortunately my onyx and my Mercedes paid with their respective lives. As I have already attended to the burial of my Mercedes I would appreciate you could care for the onyx.

I want to again thank you for creating such a rugged and hearty line of cases. My only hope is that your workmanship and attention to detail will continue to protect other travelers in the years to come.

Forever Your Supporter

Steven D. Colten”

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