Aluminum Cases: Style and Durability – Key Factors

  • 2024 Aluminum – Aluminum alloy used in making ZERO Halliburton travel cases.
  • Anodizing – A chemical treatment to the aluminum surface to prevent corrosion. Color addition is also part of the anodize process.
  • Buffing – Mechanically polishing the surface in preparation for anodizing. Two finishes are utilized: satin brush (ie. Silver cases) and mirror polished (ie. Polished Gold).
  • Closure – A hardware or “lip” fitting on the shells consisting of a male and female portion. When lined with neoprene gasket seal prevents dust and moisture from penetrating the case.
  • Deep Draw – A process where aluminum blanks are pressed or drawn over tooling dies using pressure. Forces exerted are up to 750 tons. Draw time is approximately 5 seconds.
  • Heat Treated – The baking of shells at 920°F or 493°C for 45 minutes allowing the metal ions to line up increasing hardness and structural integrity. The result is a shell with twice the tensile strength of cold rolled steel with a strength-to-weight ratio four times that of steel.
  • Integral Styling Beads – ZERO Halliburton cases are most easily recognizable for their unique “ribs” found on the upper and lower portions of each shells. In addition to style, they add structural integrity to the case.

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