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Travel in comfort with lightweight luggage

The weight of the luggage has really become an issue of serious consideration when purchasing baggage since you need to mostly carry it around you. Light-weight luggage may positively effect a person’s traveling experiences. Because it is less exhausting to bring a light baggage, you can enjoy your traveling more. Almost all luggage products have come out with baggage in various sizes and styles made of both soft and tough lightweight material. As you may know, in today’s fast paced […]

Travel & Packing Tips – Packing Tips

Create a packing list in advance; last-minute packing stress can dampen your trip. Prepare a kit of miniature toiletries in a waterproof plastic bag. Pack tightly, don’t waste precious space. Pack heavy items first in the bottom of your suitcase. Include a collapsible tote bag for purchases made during your trip or to hold laundry or wet swimsuits and/or towels. Stuff your shoes with rolled socks or underwear to avoid crushing them. Roll pajamas, sweaters and other casual wear to […]

Travel & Packing Tips – Planning the Trip

Identify your entire luggage collection with tags. Make sure all your documentation is current; remember to hide photocopies of these documents in another spot or with family members. Carry these documents in your hand or on your person, never in your luggage. Create a packing list in advance; last minute packing stress can dampen your trip. Use functional, durable and comfortable luggage to accompany you on your trip. Wheeled luggage should have inline, recessed wheels and handles that extend. Also, […]

Zero Halliburton Announces New 4” Polycarbonate Computer Attaché

The ZW210 is designed for the business executive on the go. Piscataway, NJ – January 11, 2013 Due to the popularity of their sold out 4” computer attaché, Zero Halliburton is excited to introduceZW210, which is now available for purchase in both black and silver. The ZW210 is designed for the business executive on the go. The ZW210 Computer attaché is made from 100% polycarbonate shells styled using the classic Zero Halliburton double ribbed design. This lightweight case features custom […]

Aluminum Luggage Served for Over 65 Years

“The ZERO Halliburton men’s two-suiter I am praising was bought from a Kansas jewelry store about 1955 and has served our family well indeed! It has carried and protected our belongings to every state in our union many times. In addition, it has withstood foreign travel admirably – to six continents, encompassing thirty-two countries. The outside, of course, has sustained some dents, and still has some “battle-scarred” travel stickers that have stuck through the years; but, the inside looks as […]

Durable Aluminum Camera Cases

A camera freezes a moment in time, making the finite eternal. Timeless images and personal memories created by professionals and amateurs alike. It is no small irony then that the ZERO Halliburton camera case, a timeless classic in its own right, is the perfect instrument for protecting this transcendent machine.

Customized Aluminum Camera Case (103C) in Move On – The Moive

Move On – a road movie, starring Golden Palm winner Mads Mikkelsen, directed by Asger Leth. Always on his side is the second leading actor, a silver case – ZERO Halliburton customized aluminum camera case (103C), the focus of the story. It has to be carried to the final destination, no matter what happens to its bearer. The director wants to establish a very special case for that role and the most interesting one is a ZERO Halliburton. Move On […]

Quality Luggage Is Always A Smart Investment

THE CLASSIC SHAPE MAKES A HANDSOME INVESTMENT Quality luggage is always a smart investment. We are not investment counselors, however, we suggest you take stock in ZERO Halliburton aluminum luggage. In all, a valuable collection that should yield handsome dividends for many years. From the classic design to the artful craftsmanship, each case is an elegant sculpture in aluminum. INVALUABLE PROTECTION FOR YOUR VALUABLE EFFECTS Each ZERO Halliburton case has two durable and tough latches. Impact resistant aluminum alloy […]

The Aluminum Luggage & Cases

The aluminum series is the most popular collection in the USA. It’s thought to represent most graphically what ZERO Halliburton has treasured since its establishment, that is, toughness, which can correspond to all the scenes. The outside is covered with strong shell and the seaming gaskets ensure high airtightness and waterproof property. In order not to weaken the airtightness, shells must be precisely made. Surely hinges and latches also need to acquire high strength and durability. ZERO Halliburton’s aluminum luggage […]

ZERO Halliburton Glossary of Terms for Aluminum Luggage

Glossary of Terms Alloy An aluminum alloy is a metal that is a mixture of aluminum and one or more other elements. Ex. 1100: 99% pure aluminum; 3003: aluminum/manganese alloy; 6061: aluminum/manganese/silicon alloy. Anodizing Electrochemically converting the surface of aluminum from metallic aluminum to aluminum oxide (alumina) by making aluminum the anode in a plating-type electrochemical cell. it is used not only for added protection, but also in conjunction with dying and sealing to create decorative effects. Deep Drawing Using […]