Avoiding Fees by Lightweight Luggage Collection

These days, the majority of domestic and international airlines impose a 45lbs allowance on luggage before they make you pay what’s known as excess baggage fees – these fees can range from as little as $25 to several hundred dollars in some cases.

What some people may not be aware of is that a lot of the time suitcases can be quite heavy so even if you thought that your luggage didn’t weigh any more than 12 pounds, the weight of the suitcase itself could potentially take you over your free baggage allowance. The majority of suitcases available on the market weigh as much as 11 to 13 pounds, which would represent at least 25% of typical baggage allowances.

Avoiding excess baggage fees

Now assuming that most people would rather not pay any excess baggage fees at the airport, what other options are available?

  1. Travel light – this may not be a problem for some people, but if you are travelling somewhere for business or on a vacation for a long period of time, you will run out of clothes to wear very quickly.
  2. Dispose of some clothes at the airport – as comical as this sounds some people have done this when faced with hefty excess baggage fees at check-in.
  3. Buy a lightweight suitcase – this is by far the best option, and not only will you have plenty of clothes to wear when you’re away from home but you won’t need to throw anything away!

You might be thinking that all lightweight suitcases are pretty flimsy and useless, but you’d be wrong.

The ZERO Air range of lightweight luggage suitcases from the world renowned pioneers and standard setters of durable suitcases, ZERO Halliburton, feature tough, revolutionary high impact polypropylene shells with “X-shape” reinforcing ribs for supreme rigidity. Did you know that polypropylene’s excellent lightweight properties, strength, and resistance to heat, dirt & fatigue make it ideal for use in even the toughest of conditions?
Available in a range of sizes from 20” through to 28” and in seven different colors, there’s a ZERO Air suitcase for everyone. It also weighs in from just 2.18 kilograms – that’s less than half the weight of the average suitcase!

Multi position telescopic handles and silent, 360 degree swivelling wheels make it easy to move the suitcase around with you, while the fully lined interior and molded-in “X-shape” reinforced shell helps to keep your luggage secure and intact. TSA approved locks are also fitted, so you don’t need to worry about security officials damaging the lock on your ZERO Air suitcase should your luggage need to be searched at the airport.

Lightweight, sleek, and strong – you can be sure that the ZERO Air is the perfect lightweight luggage suitcase for all of your travel needs.

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