Battered Baggage

I am delighted for the opportunity to tell about my “battered baggage.” This vintage Halliburton was a major part of my trusseau fifty years ago. This aluminum luggage came on the market just about then. As worn as it is, I could never part with it. This well-traveled luggage was purchased at San Antonio Trunk Company for what seemed a considerable sum. I never dreamed it would become so important.

Through the years, this bag was used for every trip we ever took including a journey to Japan on a tramp steamer in which I packed my husband’s stamp collection, about the only thing of value we owned. Fourteen assignments, over the United States and Europe, we settled in San Antonio.

In 1978, we went on a spring break trip to Mexico City, so I packed my fur stole in my Halliburton for safety. The attendant stashed it in a first class closet.

With the excitement of arriving in Mexico City, I completely forgot to retrieve my case. At customs, we discovered it wasn’t with us and by the time my husband ran back to the flight line, the plane had left.

It flew my bag to Acapulco, Puerta Vallarte, San Antonio, Houston then back to San Antonio, Monterrey, and finally Mexico City–just in time to be picked for our return trip.

So this is the highlight of my “battered baggage.” I never let it far from me and always have warm thoughts of those wonderful years.

– Shirley-Ruth Meyerson, San Antonio, Texas

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