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  • Limited Edition Tote Bag
  • Bottom View
  • Easy access interior.
  • Metal zipper with iconic Zero Halliburton Double Ribs
  • Metal Logo Plate
  • Durable shoulder strap
  • Tote for modern business travel
  • Limited quantity available

A Limited Edition Leather Travel Bag

Limited Edition Madison Tote – A limited edition leather travel bag Featuring leather from the notable Santa Croce area of Italy, this unique item will be available at the 300 Madison Avenue location. Made in Italy, this hand-crafted tote contains many features: angled zippered compartments for easy access to frequently used items, soft leather wrapped handles, a removable shoulder strap for versatility in carry styles and interior organization to keep electronics, pens and other smaller items coordinated.

Limited Edition Color

Two brand new collections, Geo Aluminum and Geo Polycarbonate, launched earlier in 2013 in conjunction with the company’s 75th anniversary. These new series introduced the future of Zero Halliburton with a brand new silhouette featuring the X-Rib design, custom hardware, 4-wheel convenience and wheel stoppers.   Customers, for a limited time, will have the opportunity to purchase Geo Aluminum in a new Bronze color while Geo Polycarbonate will be offered in a new Merlot Red.  These new colors will only be […]

The Briefcase – Your Faithful Companion

When you’re on the go and working hard, there’s one unsung hero of our day that we almost always forget to appreciate: our briefcases. Our ever-loyal partners on our trips and journeys, these sturdy little cases provide innumerable conveniences, which are easy to overlook when we’re far too busy with other things. Whether we realize it or not, our briefcases become such an essential part of our daily lives that without them, we’d be lost. These days, people are replacing […]

A Durable Laptop Case For Smart Travelers

A durable laptop case is the most essential piece of luggage you can own if you take your computer with you on your travels. The Zero Halliburton 15” aluminum laptop case is a perfect addition to the smart traveler’s luggage collection. This durable laptop case with its padded interior is designed to hold such laptops as a Macbook Pro 15” securely, with additional space available for smaller gadgets and tablets. Because your electronics are essential and costly, and computer cases […]

The Benefits of Aluminum Luggage Cases

These days when you go to buy luggage ideal for travel, you’re usually spoiled for choice. It’s not uncommon for people to feel lost amidst all the varieties of bags available to choose from. Some people prefer soft-shell bags made from polyester, nylon, and canvas because they’re lightweight, have multiple compartments, and can be squeezed into the overhead cabin. Hard-shell bags are often preferred by those looking for durability and a tough exterior. Many become confused about which are best […]

Avoiding Fees by Lightweight Luggage Collection

These days, the majority of domestic and international airlines impose a 45lbs allowance on luggage before they make you pay what’s known as excess baggage fees – these fees can range from as little as $25 to several hundred dollars in some cases. What some people may not be aware of is that a lot of the time suitcases can be quite heavy so even if you thought that your luggage didn’t weigh any more than 12 pounds, the weight […]

Stylish & Durable & Lightweight Carry-on Luggage

A lightweight and durable wheeled carry-on is the most essential piece of luggage you can own. The wheeled carry-on is the frequent luggage option for air travel, be it a short business trip or a quick weekend getaway. This form of luggage is such a popular and indispensable bag that it is difficult to believe that it has only been around since the late 1980s. Because carry-on bags get so much use, it is wise to purchase a durable, high-quality […]

Travel in comfort with lightweight luggage

The weight of the luggage has really become an issue of serious consideration when purchasing baggage since you need to mostly carry it around you. Light-weight luggage may positively effect a person’s traveling experiences. Because it is less exhausting to bring a light baggage, you can enjoy your traveling more. Almost all luggage products have come out with baggage in various sizes and styles made of both soft and tough lightweight material. As you may know, in today’s fast paced […]

Durable Aluminum Camera Cases

A camera freezes a moment in time, making the finite eternal. Timeless images and personal memories created by professionals and amateurs alike. It is no small irony then that the ZERO Halliburton camera case, a timeless classic in its own right, is the perfect instrument for protecting this transcendent machine.

Customized Aluminum Camera Case (103C) in Move On – The Moive

Move On – a road movie, starring Golden Palm winner Mads Mikkelsen, directed by Asger Leth. Always on his side is the second leading actor, a silver case – ZERO Halliburton customized aluminum camera case (103C), the focus of the story. It has to be carried to the final destination, no matter what happens to its bearer. The director wants to establish a very special case for that role and the most interesting one is a ZERO Halliburton. Move On […]