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Travel Protection Package

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION. Every ZERO Halliburton laptop Case is is made of aircraft quality aluminum, specially tempered to exceed the tensile strength of steel and anodized for a lifetime of good looks. A tongue and groove gasketed closure seal combines with a rugged three-point locking system featuring a combination lock for extreme security. Other features include a tempered full length piano hinge, custom designed heavy duty handle, and chromed hardware. They combine to form a case which resists dust, moisture and […]

ZERO Halliburton Aluminum Cases – How It’s Manufactured – Part 2

ZERO Halliburton Aluminum Cases – How It’s Manufactured – Part 1

From a two-ton coil of raw aluminum stock to the finished product, Large, specially designed presses, rated at 150 to 200 tons, draw the raw aluminum sheet over precision steel dies in a process developed to assure exact dimensional uniformity on every shell. The metal is not merely bent into shape by this process; the molecular structure of the aluminum is actually re-arranged to form a shell without any wrinkling or distortion in the finish surface. The average size shell […]

Travel With COLORS!

-Travel with colors – ZERO Halliburton carries various selection of luggage and bags in Autumn colors. Choose your color and take a trip to wherever you want to go in this Fall! Here are a selection of ZERO Halliburton bags for fall.

E4-BK Briefcase

A ZERO Halliburton E4-BK briefcase was in “Justified”! In an episode, Robert Quarles sits with a ZERO HALLIBURTON E4-BK BRIEFCASE full of money. His plan to buy influence did not work out, so he decides to take the briefcase with money to Harlan County, where he believes he will be more successful. Justified Official Site