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Metal Luggage: An Historical Sketch

As non-recorded history has it Erle P. Halliburton, Sr., an enterprising gentleman having extensive business interests in practically every corner of the globe, became rather annoyed not only at the general condition of his luggage, after only a few trips, but more so at the condition of the articles of clothing and personal belongings that had been packed for protection and use at journey’s end. This annoyance centered mostly around inversion of dust and sand together with mildew formation on […]

Grandfather & ZERO Halliburton Cases

A heartwarming story from Scarlett. We are so glad to hear that our products are linkage to her good memories of her grandfather. “Dear Zero, I’d like to share my story. My grandfather worked for your company for at least 30 years from what I know and he has an abundance of brief cases and suit cases, even the camera cases. Last year, he died and I feel that a part of him still lives on in the items that […]

A Story About A Coffee Importer’s ZERO Halliburton Case

What happens when you cross an out of control vehicle with a ZERO Halliburton in your car’s trunk? – Here’s an answer: -August 1st, 1995 “By now I imagine you are still trying to figure out why you are all staring at this mangled hulk of what used to be an Onyx case. First, let me assure you that I am not returning it for a defect in workmanship or manufacturing. In fact, I am giving it back to you […]

Neil Armstrong

We extend our condolences on the recent death of Neil Armstrong. He passed away but his name remain as the first human being landed the moon.

ZERO Halliburton AD Printed in 1946

This ad was printed in 1946. “This is the new air-tight luggage…guaranteed to protect its contents from all the harms of altitude, dust and mildew… wherever, however, you go, your Halliburton will be handsome company. It will care perfectly for your belongings through all the travel years ahead. Every case is registered and guaranteed for just such a lifetime of service.” Do you have an old Halliburton case? Please send pics and background story to!

The Moon & ZERO Halliburton

- in 1969 A ZERO Halliburton case was provided to NASA to carry back the moon rocks and sand with Apollo 11. The case was not much different from common edition.

Why Are You Crying?

This artwork is by Larry Janoff, and the title is “Bearly Remembers”. Larry Janoff Official Site

ZERO Halliburton in The Kvant-1 Module

ZERO Halliburton at ZERO Gravity! U.S. and Russian manned spacecraft link for the first time in 20 years as U.S. Atlantis and Russian shuttle ‘Mir’ link together in space to perform five days of unprecedented joint operations. In the Mir’s Kvant-1 module, we found a ZERO Halliburton used for carrying equipment used in space.

Douglas Aircraft Company & Passengers & ZERO Halliburton Cases

The Douglas Aircraft Company was an American aerospace manufacturer, based in Long Beach, California. How wonderful that we found this nostalgic photo in our office! We are really glad to see passengers carry ZERO Halliburton cases with smiles Our aluminum cases are timeless design and loved by so many people around the world.

Not That Halliburton

There is no relationship between ZERO Halliburton and Halliburton.