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Best ZERO Halliburton Story

- Reported by Mynga Vo of Bentley’s Luggage “I once sold a 3-inch ZERO Halliburton case to a music entertainer who worked in Hollywood, his name was Roy Rogers. He wanted the best case we had to carry his business papers and music. He wrote me several weeks later thanking me for my service and praise for the case.”

The American’s Strange Aluminum Luggage

I purchased my ZERO Halliburton three suiter in the Spring of 1950. It has traveled 481,794 miles by train, plane, taxi, bus, private and company cars, oil tanker and piggyback in 177 cities in 39 states in the United States including Hawaii, 65 cities/towns/villages in 18 countries including Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, England and Scotland. The furthest South was Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Crossing the Straits of Magellan from Punta Arenas to Tierra del Fuego, the cutter could […]

ZERO Halliburton Cases Survived A High Speed Trip

For the past 19 years, I’ve had the opportunity to take advantage of your standard aluminum cases in a variety of ways. As a professional photographer, I employed your cases for many years and countless assignments, without incident. In 1980, as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, I again put to use your cases to protect my camera equipment night after night on the streets of L.A. For the past seven years, I worked as a Detective, assigned […]

Battered Baggage

I am delighted for the opportunity to tell about my “battered baggage.” This vintage Halliburton was a major part of my trusseau fifty years ago. This aluminum luggage came on the market just about then. As worn as it is, I could never part with it. This well-traveled luggage was purchased at San Antonio Trunk Company for what seemed a considerable sum. I never dreamed it would become so important. Through the years, this bag was used for every trip […]

Truck vs. ZERO Halliburton Aluminum Case

My husband appreciated carrying a ZERO Halliburton aluminum briefcase when he was hit by a truck while crossing a street corner. The truck was making a left turn onto the street he was crossing. The driver was blinded by the sun and did not see him. The sore shoulder he suffers is minor compared to the severity of injuries he could have suffered had he not been carrying his ZERO Halliburton. Needless to say, the driver has offered to pay […]

Photos From Italy

An Italian customer sent us some photos. He says, “I love my ZERO Air carry-on! The lightness of the luggage is just amazing. What I like most is that the silent wheelers…they are so smooth and silent.” We are really happy when we hear happy customers’ voices!

Excavation Business With ZERO Halliburton

After buying various briefcases of leather, plastic and cardboard over the years, this (ZERO Halliburton) briefcase was an answer to my problems. In the underground (excavation) business on occasion I have taken my briefcase on the tractor, or backhoe with me. Unfortunately, after working on a Saturday for my brother-in-law, removing junipers from his yard, we had an accident. This occurred when I needed room in the cab of the dump truck for my daughter. I then put my briefcase […]


We often receive letter and email from our customers. Here’s a letter from a retired captain. It motivates us to keep supplying the best quality of bags! Thank you! It may be hard to read the letter we just posted. Here’s what customer wrote: “As a retired airline Captain, I estimate that my Halliburton Suitcase has flown approximately 20,000 hours-that is the equivalent of 2.28 years or 833 days looking down on the planet Earth. It has been coast to […]