Stylish & Durable & Lightweight Carry-on Luggage

A lightweight and durable wheeled carry-on is the most essential piece of luggage you can own. The wheeled carry-on is the frequent luggage option for air travel, be it a short business trip or a quick weekend getaway. This form of luggage is such a popular and indispensable bag that it is difficult to believe that it has only been around since the late 1980s.

Because carry-on bags get so much use, it is wise to purchase a durable, high-quality bag from a reputable luggage manufacturer. For more than 75 years, ZERO Halliburton has provided luxury and protection for travelers’ belongings with the stylish and durable Zeroller luggage collection. The Zeroller 21” Aluminum Carry-on Luggage with Suiter from the Zero Halliburton collection is the ideal carry-on for a discriminating traveler’s needs.
Travelers who want a high-quality and practical carry on bag are looking for some very specific attributes, including a layout that gives easy access to the central compartment and plentiful, well-placed pockets; balance and ergonomics, which will guarantee ease and comfort of repeated use; durability, for years of trouble-free travel; a light weight; and eye-catching aesthetics. The Zero Halliburton Zeroller 21″ Aluminum Carry-on Luggage with Suiter has it all.

  • Layout: This Zero Halliburton carry-on measures in at 21” x 7” x 14”, so it meets today’s strict carry-on requirements. It has a spacious main compartment, a packing folder, and an easily-removed small interior pocket. The 40 liters of packing space will allow a traveler to carry a week’s worth of clothes, and a small assortment of personal items will stow nicely in the numerous pockets and suiter.
  • Ergonomics and balance: This carry on has silent in-line skate wheels on a comfortably wide wheel-base for ease in rolling the case over carpets and bumpy surfaces. It also sports a comfortable top and side handle combination, which makes loading the bag into the overhead bin less of a strain than usual. In addition, there is an “add-a-bag” strap for travelers who may have their hands full and need to double-up on the rolling luggage.
  • Durability: Made of aircraft-grade, deep-drawn, heat-treated and anodized aluminum, the exterior casing of the Zeroller 21” Aluminum Carry-on is as strong as steel without the weight. The solid riveted piano hinges can stand 400 lbs of pull, and the heavy duty draw-bolt latches will keep belongings securely inside. The interior is fully lined with stain-resistant nylon.
  • Weight: The Zero Halliburton Zeroller carry-on weighs in at only 12.0 lbs/5.4 kg.
  • Aesthetics: These distinctive, elegant cases are the iconic standard for quality luggage. The smooth lines and simple, classic style of this piece of luggage make it a timeless accessory and its hand-polished aluminum exterior finish remains attractive with very little upkeep required.

The Zero Halliburton Zeroller 21” Aluminum Carry-on Luggage with Suiter is a robust, minimum-weight, maximum-space carry-on case. This distinctive carry-on is well-suited for frequent travelers who want to pack with ease and travel in comfort and style. If you are looking for a classic quality carry-on that will last through countless trips and a score of years, this is it.

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