Excavation Business With ZERO Halliburton

After buying various briefcases of leather, plastic and cardboard over the years, this (ZERO Halliburton) briefcase was an answer to my problems. In the underground (excavation) business on occasion I have taken my briefcase on the tractor, or backhoe with me.

Unfortunately, after working on a Saturday for my brother-in-law, removing junipers from his yard, we had an accident. This occurred when I needed room in the cab of the dump truck for my daughter. I then put my briefcase in the back of the truck with a half load of junipers.

The next morning we went back to the job, proceeded to load more junipers in to the back of the truck. When the height of the junipers rose above the side boards, I would pound them down with the bucket of my backhoe.

After my dumptruck was full we drove to the dump. I dumped my truck. At that time, I looked around for my briefcase and remembered where it was. I jumped out of the truck and looked over the edge just in time to see a sheepsfoot compactor pushing the load approximately 200 yards away with debris rolling and bouncing along.

I ran down to the compactor, flagged down the operator and told him what had happened. He spread the debris out more level and we searched for about an hour until we found the briefcase.

On one side the latch had popped off and the case was open about 1/4 inch. Also, the whole top was crushed into the bottom half of the case. Most importantly, the case stayed closed and my calculator, along with miscellaneous bids, checks, rulers, pens and billing information was safe.

I am an obvious fan of ZERO Halliburton briefcases and I am always urging fellow contractors to buy ZERO Halliburton briefcases.

– An anonymous contribution

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