Food Festivals across the United States

The great thing about traveling across the United States is that no two places are the same. There is a diverse mix of cultures to be found across the country. With each culture, there is a unique taste that comes along with it. Food seems to unify us, and everyone loves to try new things from new lands.

Across the country, there are several food festivals that take place every year. From good old home-style American cooking, to food brought by immigrants that we love .There are plenty of tastes to try. If you want to go on a gastronomical journey, there’s no need to travel internationally; America has some great food festivals that you can enjoy just by traveling to this great land. Here are some that you should definitely try to visit.

Warwick Applefest, New York:

This festival was started way back in 1989 as a tradition after the harvest. Since then, it has exploded into a celebration of the delicious fruit and its variants. Applefest attracts well over 30,000 people every year in October. There are pie-baking contests, a carnival, crafts, food, and lots of other stalls to explore.

Norwalk Oyster Festival, Connecticut:

Every September, Norwalk ends its summer with its famous 3-day Oyster Festival. This New England tradition is a must-visit place for any traveler who loves food experiences. With local delights like crab cakes, lobster rolls, and clam chowder, you get a taste of the real Norwalk along the bay. There are artisans, different kind’s stalls and lots of local people to meet.

Lexington Barbeque Fest, North Carolina:

If you love some barbeque, then try some of the best at this much-loved event. Try their smoky, juicy, meaty offerings and you’ll come back every year. Every October, people flock to the festival for its great live music performances, demos, competitions, food vendors, and lots more. Bring the whole family and plenty of bibs for this one.

Strawberry Festival, Florida:

Head down south to celebrate the beloved fruit in the Strawberry Festival. Easy to visit from Orlando and Tampa, this festival draws in huge crowds annually. With live music, horticulture and livestock shows, stemming contests, and pig races, this is one place you must see in Florida.

Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, Iowa:

Every year, De Moines hosts a festival celebrating one of the most popular foods in the western world; bacon. Initiated in 2001, it has grown into one of the greatest bacon showcases in the world. Local as well as national pig farmers bring in their samples for all to try. There are also lectures about pork for your knowledge.

Popcorn Festival, Ohio:

In the Midwest, corn is a staple crop. It’s called the cash crop of the region and people celebrate these golden kernels every year. Travel to Ohio and share the national love of everybody’s favorite snack. Each September, there is a parade followed by a weekend of games, food, pageants, music, and of course, popcorn.

Garlic Festival, California:

Since 1979, Gilroy, California has celebrated garlic in all its smelly glory. It is the base for fine cuisine the world over, and is used in many cultures. But only here will you find garlic ice-cream like you’ve never tasted. With wines, artisans, cooking demos, and lots of interesting foods to sample, this is a great place to expand your mind about garlic. Just don’t forget to carry some gum.

If you want to travel across the country, there’s no better way to experience the cultures than through the food. During your trip, travel light with Zero Halliburton’s range of lightweight luggage. Don’t let your bag be the thing that weighs you down; let it be the delicious food instead.

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