Grandfather & ZERO Halliburton Cases

A heartwarming story from Scarlett. We are so glad to hear that our products are linkage to her good memories of her grandfather.

“Dear Zero,

I’d like to share my story. My grandfather worked for your company for at least 30 years from what I know and he has an abundance of brief cases and suit cases, even the camera cases. Last year, he died and I feel that a part of him still lives on in the items that we have found in those cases, and I would like to thank you for making your products the way you do, because I know that the things that were in them would not have survived as long as they have without them. I remember him once keeping coins of all kinds when I was younger and when I would come visit him we would drag out the heavy brief case full of coins and he would let me put the coins into rolls, which helped me learn to count. Zero is not only just a company that makes top of the line products to me, they help keeping something that meant so much to me alive with the memories they helped make. Thank you once again for helping keeping memories alive.

-Scarlett Marye”

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