How to Handle a Long Layover

If you’ve ever had to wait out a delayed flight or sit through a long overlay, you probably know how boring and stressful it can be. Many frequent travelers choose to plan their trips so that they can spend their layover in an airport with the most comfortable amenities.

Sadly, not all of us have that luxury, so we must make do with whatever we have on hand. If you ever end up stuck in an airport again, there are a few things you can do to pass the time and make the wait a little easier.

Ways to Manage a Layover

Here are a few ways in which you can make your layover, and your travel experience, a positive one:

Do Your Homework

If you know at the time of booking your ticket that you’re going to have to wait through a layover, do some research on the airport where you’ll be stuck. Find out what there is to pass the time there, such as a lounge or a spa. Some airports even set up recreational activities just for passengers on layover!

Go Shopping

Airports over the world are known for their excellent duty-free shops. Layover time is a great opportunity to pick up some gifts for family and friends, and something for yourself too. Airports are always increasing their retail selection; some are even planning malls right next to the terminals. Who knew airports would soon become shopping destinations?

Take a Break

A lot of airports have now opened up relaxation centers for the stressed-out business travelers who come through. It’s quite common to see a spa, massage parlor, or even a salon right inside the airport. If you’re expecting a long wait, take the time to kick back and take a deep breath on your trip. You’ll feel more refreshed and ready for the next leg of your journey.

Pack Ahead

Frequent fliers will tell you how important it is to plan for your layover. Plan your carry on luggage so that you have something to do while you wait. A good book, a handheld video game, or even a music device can keep you entertained for quite a while. If you pack some toiletries, you can even take the time to freshen up. Zero Halliburton has a range of lightweight luggage like their Whirl collection that is perfect for all the things you may need for your layover.

Make Important Calls

It’s easy in today’s world to keep in touch with friends and family. When you’re on the move and find yourself waiting, take the opportunity to call your loved ones and catch up. You can use phones available in the airport or your cellphone. Don’t worry about your phone’s battery; almost all airports have charging stations.

Browse the Web

If you have your laptop with you during your travel, you can browse the Web while you wait. Most airports now have free Wi-Fi, especially for waiting passengers. You can answer your emails, chat with friends, and even finish up your presentation during this break. Zero Halliburton offers a range of computer cases in different sizes and materials that are perfect for traveling.

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