We often receive letter and email from our customers. Here’s a letter from a retired captain. It motivates us to keep supplying the best quality of bags! Thank you!

It may be hard to read the letter we just posted. Here’s what customer wrote:

“As a retired airline Captain, I estimate that my Halliburton Suitcase has flown approximately 20,000 hours-that is the equivalent of 2.28 years or 833 days looking down on the planet Earth. It has been coast to coast and to most of the major cities in between many times – across the North Atlantic hundreds of times — flown to the Azores, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Shannon, Dublin, London, Paris, Geneva, Zurich Frankfurt, Munich, Vinenna, Milan, Rome, Venice, Athens, Greek Islands, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Aswan Dam, Beirut, Damascus, Amman, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai…and across the Pacific. It has been over Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland, Labrador, and the North Pole.

It has been carried in the baggage compartment of airline aircraft from the DC-2 thru the current Boeing 700 series. It has shared the baggage compartment with suitcases of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and members of the White House Staff & Press while on domestic and International trips for Presidents Johnson, Nixon and Ford. This suitcase has been brought to my room by the bellboys in some of the finest hotels in the world and this includes Embassy Suites Hotels, when located in the cities or countries listed above. It has hotel stickers attached, is scratched and dented, but still receives admiring glances when I take it off the baggage carousel. This is a WELL TRAVELED SUITCASE!!!”

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