Luxurious Summer Destinations

It’s summer and the perfect time to make plans for vacations. A luxury holiday can be an exciting new way to experience summer. These destinations are perfect for pampering yourself and your loved ones, and for indulging the senses after the stress of your daily lives.

Traveling to a new land and experiencing the rich and diverse culture is a special treat. This summer, instead of simply hitting the beach, travel internationally to any one of these luxurious hotspots instead. You’ll find that there’s a luxury experience out there, waiting just for you.

Kona Village Resort in Hawaii

When you’re talking about plush vacations, it’s hard to leave Hawaii off the list. This resort has won the Luxist Reader’s Choice Award for the Best Luxury Family Vacation. If you and your family need time away from the noise of the big city, this is the place to be.

The resort is dotted with bungalows and has almost no TVs, radios, or phones to disturb you. Sit on the beach, soak up the sun, and take in the gorgeous tropical landscapes. The waters around the resort are clear and blue, perfect for the beach-lovers and great for getting away from it all.

Costa Blanca in Spain

If you prefer a warm, dry climate, this is the place for you. Costa Blanca is perfect for that breezy, bright summer vacation. Known best for its luxury villa, this travel destination has the most indulgent amenities you’ll find. It’s also considered one of the best destinations for a stag party. It offers a lavish party vibe that you’re not likely to find at other places.

Grand Bale in Mauritius

Luscious greenery and sparkling sunlight are what you’ll find at this luxury vacation spot. With a beautiful sub-tropical climate and pristine blue waters, you’ll want nothing more than to sunbathe and take long walks by the sandy beaches.

Grand Bale has a wide selection of luxury resorts, Michelin-starred restaurants, and the best amenities. It also has plenty of tourist attractions to visit, both man-made and natural. Mauritius is a must-visit spot for any travel-lover who wants to be pampered.

Amanpuri in Thailand

Amanpuri has been rated one of Asia’s most coveted destinations. If you’ve ever been to Thailand, then you’re familiar with their juxtaposition of busy city beside flawless beaches. But for a more first-class experience, Amanpuri is the place to be.
It is a breathtakingly gorgeous island with villas and pavilions or spacious lounges. For luxury unmatched, pack your bags and take a trip to Thailand.

Dubrovnik in Croatia

Summer is the time of festivals in Croatia, and that alone warrants a visit. Here, you can really immerse yourself in the local culture, and experience their celebrations in all their glory. You can spend the day dancing the Zouk and Kizomba – local traditional dances – and make some fabulous memories. Dubrovnik is famous for its interesting Renaissance-inspired architecture. For a real old-world glamor experience, traveling to Croatia is something you’ll never forget.

Wherever you decide to go, it’s important to travel in style. Your luxury vacation calls for some luxurious lightweight luggage from Zero Halliburton. Make your summer vacation a memorable one with a luxury destination this year.

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