Packing a Carry-on Bag? Here’s What You Should Know

When you’re packing for a short business trip, it’s crucial to consider what type of bag you pack your things in. For a short trip, a carry-on bag is an ideal choice. By packing everything into one easy-to-access bag, you’ll have everything you need on hand during your trip.


Convenience is priority for business travel, because time plays such an important role. Carrying on your luggage instead of checking will make things a little easier for you. Here are some tips on absolute essentials for business travel.

What to Pack for a Comfortable Trip

Hand Steamer – When you’re on the go, especially for a business trip, you’re likely to end up with wrinkled clothes since you’re putting them in your carry on luggage. With a hand steamer, you’ll be ready for the conference room in no time. Time is money and instead of getting clothes professionally pressed, many people prefer using hand steamers.

Luggage Tag – Consider investing in a convenient and security-safe luggage tag. There are companies that make men’s luggage tags with compartments for cellphone, change, keys, and any other loose metallic items you’ll need to take out of your pockets at the security check. Having a luggage tag is better than dropping these items loose into the security bin.

Noise Cancelling Headphones – Planes can be a noisy place what with crying babies and chatty seat neighbors. A good pair of noise-cancelling earphones will block out any disturbances and let you enjoy your journey. Whether you want to take a nap, watch a movie, or just listen to music, these are a must-have for your journey.

3-Way Electrical Plug – There are plenty of others on the road just like you. When you manage to spot a rare unused airport plug point, a 3-way electrical plug lets you use it without hogging it. This is sure to win you a few points with your fellow business travelers and also makes for fewer arguments about who saw the outlet first.

OTC and Prescription Medication – It can never be stressed enough how important it is to carry your regular over-the-counter and prescription medications on a trip. Any trip is stressful and you’ll need your medicines eventually. It’s also advisable to carry a copy of the prescription, in case you’re medicines are confiscated by security for whatever the reason maybe.

Toiletries and Other – There are some essentials you’ll always need regardless of the nature of your trip. Toiletries are very important, even if you feel like you’ll get some at the hotel. Most passengers prefer to carry travel-size bottles of their toiletries since it makes for lightweight luggage. Before leaving the house, also re-check your bag for essentials like your Passport, tickets, money, and valid ID.

Zero Halliburton Carry-On Luggage Bags

ZMG Monogram – This trolley carry-on bag is simple and sophisticated, with easy grip handles on the top, bottom, and side for comfort. It has durable wheels and is made of synthetic leather that is both stain and water-resistant.

ZERO Whirl 19 – This polycarbonate bag is designed to be lightweight yet strong, making it the ideal carry-on. It also has fully lined nylon interior that is stain resistant and 360-degree swivel wheels.

Zeroller 21” Aluminum with Suiter – Stylish and easy to handle, the Zeroller is a very popular bag among business travelers. Made from tough, anodized aluminum, it’s sturdy but lightweight.

Beyond Packing: Getting Past Security Quickly

carry-on-tsaWhen you’re on the go, packing a lightweight carry-on doesn’t always ensure that you’ll get through international security quickly. Sometimes, what you wear can save you the precious minutes you might need to make your flight on time.

Wearing slip-on loafers or shoes makes it easier to remove them when asked. Try not to wear too many things that will set off the metal detector, like a piece of jewelry and a belt. Do whatever you can to make your travel and the security check as pain-free as possible.

Some people may be qualified for the TSA PreCheck, which means you can get through security without having to take off your jacket or shoes. Have a strategy in place when it comes to catching your flight and you’ll find that air travel doesn’t have to be stressful at all.

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