Sing The Praises of Zero Halliburton to All My Fellow Pilots

Thanks letter from Lou – a longtime ZERO Halliburton customer – Thank you Lou!

I wanted to take a moment before too much time has elapsed to thank you and Zero Halliburton for repairing my suitcase.

I know it is an old and obsolete one that I have had for 16 years but I have grown quite attached to it and Zero Halliburton has never failed to repair it when I sent it back. This time however I noticed that not only did you folks repair the broken wheels and handle but replaced the hinge, replaced the clasps, repaired a crack in the aluminum and pounded out some of the dents.

For this I thank you and will continue to sing the praises of Zero Halliburton to all my fellow pilots.

I’m sure this will be the last time I send it back as I hope to retire in the next 4 years and will be certainly scaling back my travel miles.
Maybe I’ll donate it to your museum?

Lou Testa

You may check out our lifetime warranty!

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