The Aluminum Luggage & Cases

The aluminum series is the most popular collection in the USA. It’s thought to represent most graphically what ZERO Halliburton has treasured since its establishment, that is, toughness, which can correspond to all the scenes.

The outside is covered with strong shell and the seaming gaskets ensure high airtightness and waterproof property. In order not to weaken the airtightness, shells must be precisely made. Surely hinges and latches also need to acquire high strength and durability.

ZERO Halliburton’s aluminum luggage and cases are made of the 6061 aluminum alloy that is used for aircrafts. The material has acquired further strength and toughness after several times of heat treatment. Eventually, shell’s compression resistance reaches up to 440 tons per square meter (As the symbol in design, the double ribs take a functional role in enhancing the strength). Furthermore, ZERO Halliburton aluminum cases can withstand from the pressure of over 1000 pounds (approximately 453.6kg).

Our loyal customers’ voices explains the fact that holding a ZERO Halliburton product improves the status.

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