The American’s Strange Aluminum Luggage

I purchased my ZERO Halliburton three suiter in the Spring of 1950. It has traveled 481,794 miles by train, plane, taxi, bus, private and company cars, oil tanker and piggyback in 177 cities in 39 states in the United States including Hawaii, 65 cities/towns/villages in 18 countries including Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, England and Scotland. The furthest South was Tierra del Fuego, Chile. Crossing the Straits of Magellan from Punta Arenas to Tierra del Fuego, the cutter could not dock due to low tides. Sailors from the cutter carried me and my Halliburton piggyback from shore to the cutter.

The strangest place was Yacuiba, Bolivia, a small village on the Argentine border. When I arrived at the customs office, the ZERO Halliburton created the event of the day! Officials from all over town were called in to look at the American’s strange aluminum luggage.

The Halliburton has been on 27 airlines (Crossed the Andes 9 times), 1100 miles on an Argentine oil tanker, 497 miles by taxi on dirt roads from Rio Gallegos to Comodoro Rividavia, Argentina (Took 4 days due to mud) and 46 miles by taxi from Yacuiba to Aguaray, Bolivia.

In 1974, I became a manager for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. At my wife’s suggestion, I removed a solid mass of hotel, airline and customs stickers from my ZERO Halliburton and it now looks like new!

– R. Robert Nunn, Houston, TX, 1997

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