The Moon & ZERO Halliburton

- in 1969
A ZERO Halliburton case was provided to NASA to carry back the moon rocks and sand with Apollo 11. The case was not much different from common edition.

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  1. I purchased my first Halliburton at a luggage store in Hollywood, CA. The year was 1967. The piece had a light blue lining, the old style latches and has traveled completely around the world. The case has numerous dings and the handle had to be replaced once. Since that purchase, I have bought 4 large photo cases, 3 medium cases and a recent poly travel case. All ZH.
    There is no doubt that Halliburton and now Zero Halliburton make and have made the finest travel and equipment cases in the world. I have never lost or damaged a 10K lens because the case failed. You do have to replace the foam inserts every once in awhile but that is a modest price compared to my expensive equipment.
    ZH is only one year older than I am. Keep on truckin, old friend…

    • Thank you, John!
      I shared your comment with all ZERO Halliburton employees.
      We all happy to hear that our luggage has kept protecting your precious equipment for a long time!

      If you don’t mind, could you please send your luggage photos to We want to share your luggage on Facebook, too :)

      Thank you!

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