Tips on Choosing Your Travel Luggage

Choosing the right baggage for your trip can mean the difference between a nice journey and one filled with fear, embarrassment, and worry that your bag won’t reach your destination in one piece. With the perfectly chosen bag, you’ll never have to wonder if your carry on travel luggage will fit into the overhead compartment, or whether you’ll have to pick your clothes up when they fall out through the tear in the side. The type of bag you carry is almost as important as what is inside it.

Different Types of Luggage Bags

There are different types of bags that you can choose from, depending on your personal taste and what the journey will require of you. The most common ones are trolley-bags, backpacks, and duffel bags. Each of these offers their distinct advantages.

Trolley-bags are more traditionally used because they offer the option of either carrying them like a standard suitcase or pulling them along on sturdy wheels. You have the freedom to choose from hard-shell and soft-shell designs, based on what you’re looking for in a bag. Zero Halliburton has a variety of collections in trolley-bags, from their polycarbonate ZTex and ZERO Whirl ranges to their aluminum luggage in the Zeroller range and their soft-shell ZMG Monogram.

Backpacks are often preferred by younger travellers for their convenience and are available in a variety of sizes and designs themselves. They are available with or without frames and you can find different backpacks for work and leisure. Hiking backpacks are equipped with space for a water bottle and sleeping bag, while day backpacks often have room for your laptops too. Zero Halliburton has backpacks in attractive shades, which are designed for convenience and easy storage of everything you need.

Duffels are often a hit because they’re available with wheels and handles, perfect for long trips and time on the road. They come in many sizes, with the smaller ones making perfect carry-ons and fitting snugly in the overhead, and the bigger ones being able to hold a lot of luggage.

Hard-Shell & Soft-Shell Luggage

Both hard-shell and soft-shell bags have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Which one you go with is really a matter of personal choice and priority.

Bags sizes – What options do you have?

The size of your carry on luggage can influence how easy or difficult your trip may be. The general rule of carry-ons is that they shouldn’t be bigger than 45 inches when you add up their length, width, and height. For bags to be checked in, the measurement shouldn’t exceed 62 inches, unless you’re willing to pay extra to check it in.

Each airline has their rules about bag size and dimensions, so it’s a good idea to check these specifications before you start packing. Choose a bag size that’s comfortable for you; you don’t want to ask for help every time you need to stow your carry on luggage away.

Some Useful Tips

Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when you’re picking out luggage:

  • Choose something flashy so that it stands out and you’ll be able to find it faster on the luggage-carousal.
  • Try out a few bags before picking one; each person is different and not all bags will suit your needs. Take your time to explore your options, and take into consideration what you’ll need from your bag.
  • Test the bags at the shop by pulling them around to see if the height and weight are comfortable for you. If not, you might want to find a bag that’s lighter or choose one with an adjustable handle.
  • Don’t just go for style; pick a bag that’s known for its durability. Luggage tends to get handled roughly during travel, so you’d rather have an ugly but strong bag than a pretty one that’s falling apart.

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