Travel Protection Package


Every ZERO Halliburton laptop Case is is made of aircraft quality aluminum, specially tempered to exceed the tensile strength of steel and anodized for a lifetime of good looks.

A tongue and groove gasketed closure seal combines with a rugged three-point locking system featuring a combination lock for extreme security.

Other features include a tempered full length piano hinge, custom designed heavy duty handle, and chromed hardware. They combine to form a case which resists dust, moisture and environmental extremes; securely nesting and protecting your computer.

ZERO Halliburton offers you the most value for your case investment dollar. The unequalled security which has become synonymous with the ZERO Halliburton name, and the heritage of reliability and protection on which its reputation has been established around the world, is demonstrated proof you are getting the very best.

That means you travel with the assurance that your laptop, accessories, and other gadgets will arrive at your destination ready to go – a compliment to your business life just as your ZERO Halliburton case is a compliment to your lifestyle.

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