ZERO Halliburton Cases Survived A High Speed Trip

For the past 19 years, I’ve had the opportunity to take advantage of your standard aluminum cases in a variety of ways. As a professional photographer, I employed your cases for many years and countless assignments, without incident. In 1980, as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, I again put to use your cases to protect my camera equipment night after night on the streets of L.A. After many years of use in such a punishing environment, I quickly realized just how durable and reliable your cases really are.

For the past seven years, I worked as a Detective, assigned to the Bomb Squad. Included in my personal gear were two sets of cameras and related equipment. Each set of equipment was stored and protected within your aluminum case, model# 103. These two cases were again put to the test on a daily basis.

On January 25, 1996, I was responding to an emergency call when I became involved in a serious traffic accident. A defective right rear tire caused my vehicle to hit the center divider at a high rate of speed, approximately 75mph. Ultimately my vehicle hit a barrier and rolled over causing a majority of my equipment to be ejected at a high rate of speed along the freeway, included were both of my ZERO Halliburton cases… I later learned that both cases had been recovered from the roadway. One case was found along the center divider, some 150 feet away. The second case had made it’s way across four lanes of traffic to the shoulder area, over 100 feet away. Weeks later when I returned home from the hospital, I was surprised to see just how remarkably well both cases looked. I had expected much worse. An examination of my equipment revealed each and every item to be in outstanding working order. In fact, as a result of the accident, my vehicle was totaled, but my ZERO Halliburton cases not only survived, they maintained their structural soundness, protecting and preserving the equipment within. It’s interesting to note that the largest area of damage was a 1″ depression located near one of the corners.

In my opinion this incident, as unfortunate as it was, served as the ultimate test for your aluminum cases. These cases not only endured 15 years of service, but they survived a high speed trip down a Southern California Freeway.

In closing, please accept my thanks for providing an outstanding line of enclosures, especially your aluminum cases which offer a tremendous level of protection and are capable of going far above and beyond the call of duty…

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