ZERO Halliburton Glossary of Terms for Aluminum Luggage

Glossary of Terms

An aluminum alloy is a metal that is a mixture of aluminum and one or more other elements. Ex. 1100: 99% pure aluminum; 3003: aluminum/manganese alloy; 6061: aluminum/manganese/silicon alloy.

Electrochemically converting the surface of aluminum from metallic aluminum to aluminum oxide (alumina) by making aluminum the anode in a plating-type electrochemical cell. it is used not only for added protection, but also in conjunction with dying and sealing to create decorative effects.

Deep Drawing
Using a ram to force an aluminum sheet into a draw die to produce a shell. See also draw die. Deep drawing is also used to produce many cup-shaped products in other industries.

Draw Die
Tooling used in the deep drawing process to produce shells.

Increasing the hardness of metal by suitable treatment such as by strain or heat. Associated with processes such as age hardening, strain or work hardening, precipitation hardening, or quench hardening.

Heat Treat
Temper produced by heating.

Heat-Treatable Alloy
An aluminum alloy that can be hardened by heat testament. Generally includes those alloys in 2—, 6—, and 7—.

The ability of a surface to mirror or reflect radiant energy. The reflectance of aluminum is exceptionally high.

Seamless Construction
An exceptional attribute of deep drawn shells. Deep drawn shells have no seam.

Secondary Aluminum
Metal recovered aluminum scrap, segregated by alloy, and remelted to produce purified metal. A great advantage of aluminum is that it can be recycled indefinitely, as a secondary product. This not only preserves aluminum as a natural resource, but it also saves energy, since secondary aluminum is less costly to produce.

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