Travel & Packing Tips – Planning the Trip

  • Identify your entire luggage collection with tags.
  • Make sure all your documentation is current; remember to hide photocopies of these documents in another spot or with family members. Carry these documents in your hand or on your person, never in your luggage.
  • Create a packing list in advance; last minute packing stress can dampen your trip.
  • Use functional, durable and comfortable luggage to accompany you on your trip. Wheeled luggage should have inline, recessed wheels and handles that extend. Also, protective kick plates help a bag slide over stairs and curbs more easily and with less damage to your luggage.
  • All wheeled luggage should have side haul handles to allow for easy grabbing and hoisting onto conveyor belts, into cars, onto beds etc.
  • Make sure your luggage is durable. ZERO Halliburton has a full line of durable and lightweight , well protected luggage options to make your travels worry-free and much more enjoyable – with a lifetime warranty.
  • Pack lightly.
  • Airlines have strict rules on the weight and size of both carry-on and checked luggage. Check with your airline for their requirements.
  • A good rule of thumb for traveling is to limit yourself to two bags per person. Check with your airline for luggage restrictions.
  • Choose a wardrobe of basics to help with space limitations and colors that will coordinate easily with one another. Should a more semiformal occasion arise, men should always ¬†carry a Navy blazer and women should carry a silk scarf.
  • Bring wrinkle-resistant clothing that requires little care.
  • Check for seasonal weather conditions in the urea and be prepared.
  • LABEL your laptop computer. Tape a business card or other identifying information beneath your laptop to avoid loss or the accidental “exchange” by travelers while processing through the security lines.

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