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Geo Aluminum 2.0

The new GEO Aluminum 2.0 addresses the needs of today’s traveler: it is quite functional with exceptional organization and packing capacity; it is extremely durable and offers the ultimate protection of your belongings while traveling. In regard to design, ZERO HALLIBURTON's new GEO Aluminum 2.0 is one of the most aesthetically attractive cases on the market. Travelers who carry the new GEO Aluminum 2.0 will definitely feel both rewarded and empowered.
Geo Aluminum 2.0 - Carry-on 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage


11.00lb / 15.50"W x 8.50"D x 21.50"H
4.99kg / 39.37W x 21.59D x 54.61H cm
Geo Aluminum 2.0 - 26" 4-Wheel Spinner Travel Case


15.20lb / 20.00"W x 10.00"D x 29.00"H
6.89kg / 50.80W x 25.40D x 73.66H cm
Geo Aluminum 2.0 - 28" 4-Wheel Spinner Travel Case


15.70lb / 22.00"W x 10.00"D x 31.00"H
7.12kg / 55.88W x 25.40D x 78.74H cm
Geo Aluminum 2.0 - 17" Wheeled Travel Case


10.60lb / 17.00"W x 9.00"D x 16.50"H
4.81kg / 43.18W x 22.86D x 41.91H cm
Geo Aluminum 2.0 - 30" 4-Wheel Spinner Travel Case


19.50lb / 22.50"W x 10.50"D x 33.00"H
8.85kg / 57.15W x 26.67D x 83.82H cm
Geo Aluminum 2.0 - Carry-on 2-Wheel Travel Case


11.50lb / 15.50"W x 8.50"D x 21.50"H
5.22kg / 39.37W x 21.59D x 54.61H cm
Geo Aluminum 2.0 - 24" 4-Wheel Spinner Travel Case


13.50lb / 18.00"W x 10.00"D x 27.00"H
6.12kg / 45.72W x 25.40D x 68.58H cm