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Geo Polycarbonate - Wheeled Business Case


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8.00lb / 16.50"W x 8.50"D x 16.50"H
3.63kg / 41.91W x 21.59D x 41.91H cm
Geo Aluminum Attache - Large Laptop Case


6.20lb / 17.50"W x 4.50"D x 12.50"H
2.81kg / 44.45W x 11.43D x 31.75H cm
New York Limited Edition Aluminum Attache

$525.00   $420.00

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6.50lb / 18.00"W x 4.00"D x 13.00"H
2.95kg / 45.72W x 10.16D x 33.02H cm
Profile - Three Way Business Backpack


3.90lb / 17.00"W x 4.00"D x 12.00"H
1.77kg / 43.18W x 10.16D x 30.48H cm