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Zero Halliburton Camera Cases
An Uncompromising Defense Against Damage
Camera Cases made of Aircraft-grade aluminum shells


Camera Case Insert Foam (M44784-100)


0.00lb / 12.00"W x 5.00"D x 9.00"H
0.00kg / 30.48W x 12.70D x 22.86H cm
Camera Case Insert (M44784-101)


0.00lb / 16.00"W x 7.50"D x 9.00"H
0.00kg / 40.64W x 19.05D x 22.86H cm
Camera Case Insert (M44784-103)


0.00lb / 18.00"W x 6.00"D x 13.00"H
0.00kg / 45.72W x 15.24D x 33.02H cm
Camera Case Insert (M44784-106)


0.00lb / 21.00"W x 7.50"D x 17.00"H
0.00kg / 53.34W x 19.05D x 43.18H cm
Small Aluminum Camera Case


3.50lb / 12.00"W x 5.50"D x 9.50"H
1.59kg / 30.48W x 13.97D x 24.13H cm
Medium Aluminum Camera Case


Out of stock
5.30lb / 18.00"W x 6.50"D x 13.00"H
2.40kg / 45.72W x 16.51D x 33.02H cm
Large Aluminum Camera Case


11.00lb / 21.50"W x 8.00"D x 17.00"H
4.99kg / 54.61W x 20.32D x 43.18H cm