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2.7lb / 22.0W x 1.0D x 14.0H in
1.2kg / 55.9W x 2.5D x 35.6H cm


4.6lb / 22.0W x 6.0D x 15.0H in
2.1kg / 55.9W x 15.2D x 38.1H cm


1.4lb / 22.0W x 1.0D x 14.0H in
0.6kg / 55.9W x 2.5D x 35.6H cm
Out of stock


3.9lb / 22.0W x 3.0D x 17.0H in
1.8kg / 55.9W x 7.6D x 43.2H cm
ZRO 20" International Carry-On 4-Wheel Sp...


7.7lb / 14.0W x 9.0D x 21.0H in
3.5kg / 35.6W x 22.9D x 53.3H cm
ZRO 22" Domestic Carry-On 4-Wheel Spinner...


8.6lb / 15.0W x 9.0D x 22.0H in
3.9kg / 38.1W x 22.9D x 55.9H cm
ZRO 25" 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage


10.6lb / 19.0W x 10.0D x 27.0H in
4.8kg / 48.3W x 25.4D x 68.6H cm
ZRO 28" 4-Wheel Spinner Luggage


12.1lb / 20.0W x 10.0D x 30.0H in
5.5kg / 50.8W x 25.4D x 76.2H cm