Limited Ambassador Camera Case Set

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3.5lb / 12.0W x 5.5D x 9.5H in
1.6kg / 30.5W x 14.0D x 24.1H cm



In collaboration with our Global Brand Ambassador, Brazilian Soccer Star Ronaldinho, this Limited Edition Ronaldinho Camera Case Set enables you to carry your DSLR Camera with style and confidence.
  • This Limited Edition Camera Case Set is based on ZERO Halliburton's best-selling 100NC Camera Case and includes Ronaldinho's laser-etched signature on the outside.
  • Each Set includes the specialized 100NC-R10 Camera Case with laser-etched Ronaldinho Signature, a matching Business Card Case hand-signed by Ronaldinho, a Special Message Card from Ronaldinho, and a unique Luggage Tag with each Camera Case Set's Limited Edition Sequence Number engraved on the Silver Plate.
  • Each Camera Case is made of Anodized Aluminum and includes a Foam Interior that can be modified to your Camera's specifications.
  • The Camera Case securely closes with a Combination Lock and two Draw-Bolt Latches.
  • With an air-tight and waterproof seal, and the use of a Piano Hinge along the base, your Camera Case offers superior protection against the elements.
  • Includes four feet at the base for upright stability.
  • An Adjustable Shoulder Strap is included for hands-free carrying.
  • This is a Limited Run of 120.


Case Depth:
Camera Case
  • Silver
  • Attache
No Wheel
  • 10 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 3 Digit Combination Lock
  • Deep-Drawn Aluminum Shells
  • Draw Bolt Latches
  • Hardside
  • Limited Edition
  • Removable Shoulder Strap


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