Classic Aluminum Two-Wheel Carry-On

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The Classic Aluminum 2.0 series brings an unparalleled luxury to Zero Halliburton’s iconic cases. This 20-inch carry-on bag features the company’s signature double-ribbed steel as well as a TSA-approved lock and airtight seal that keeps valuables inside and dirt and moisture out. The nylon-lined interior boasts an array of mesh compartments, tie-down buckles and compression panels to keep belongings organized and secure. A detachable garment bag comes with complimentary hanger, making it perfect for quick businesses trips and weekend getaways. Two in-case wheels can seamlessly glide across any surface, while a retractable handle makes it easy to navigate this bag on busy streets and stations. Available in four timeless color ways, the compact carry-on gives practical, responsible travel curbside appeal.

  • Made from deep-drawn aluminum for strength & stability
  • Iconic double rib design
  • Double spinner wheels offer a seamless glide
  • Ergonomic dual-button handle
  • Lined with stain resistant, nylon compression panels and organization pockets
  • TSA-approved locks & Zero Halliburton Tracking
  • Includes detachable garment bag
  • Available in black, polished blue, red and silver

Iconic Double-Rib Design

Timeless, tasteful and instantly recognizable. Zero Halliburton’s signature design element enhances durability and elegance and has informed the brand’s history of strength and security for 80 years. Those who know, know.

Magnesium Alloy Frame

For added strength without the weight, Zero Halliburton luggage is framed to perfection in a magnesium alloy edging instead of the standard-issue zipper. Extra security without getting stuck.

Zero Global Tracking (ZGT)

Find your bag faster than you can file a claim. With Zero Halliburton’s global tracking feature, simply register the unique code on your case and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the ability to trace your luggage virtually anywhere in the world. Seek and you shall find.

Deep Drawn Aluminum

A benchmark technique used by expert craftsmen to render strong aluminum shapes in a lighter weight. Deep drawing also gives our Classic Aluminum cases their smooth feel and gorgeous curves. Enduring endurance, if you will.