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Our Next Generation of Lightweight Travel - ZRL fully inherits the ZERO HALLIBURTON gene. Our cases must be more than just light. They must also be beautiful, durable and highly mobile. Proudly Made in USA from imported materials, ZRL brings new excitement.
ZRL - 20" International Lightweight Carry-On Luggage


4.90lb / 14.00"W x 8.50"D x 21.00"H
2.22kg / 35.56W x 21.59D x 53.34H cm
ZRL - 28" Lightweight Luggage


9.50lb / 20.50"W x 10.00"D x 30.00"H
4.31kg / 52.07W x 25.40D x 76.20H cm
ZRL - 22" Domestic Lightweight Luggage


6.40lb / 14.50"W x 9.50"D x 22.00"H
2.90kg / 36.83W x 24.13D x 55.88H cm
ZRL - 26" Lightweight Spinner Luggage


8.40lb / 17.00"W x 10.00"D x 27.00"H
3.81kg / 43.18W x 25.40D x 68.58H cm