Legendary Protection Since 1938

The ZERO HALLIBURTON story began by creating the first aluminum travel cases. Contemporary design, unsurpassed quality and protection meeting military specifications define the essence of our company. Security, durability and reliability were our top priority 80 years ago and remain the same today.


The original 'Halliburton' aluminum travel cases were handmade for Erle P. Halliburton's personal use in 1938. A globetrotting oil field engineer by trade, Halliburton was often disappointed with luggage that failed to protect his wardrobe and documents when exposed to the harsh conditions of extreme dirt, heat and dust. Drawing upon the engineering knowledge of his staff, Halliburton guided the development of the world's first aluminum cases. These unique cases, equipped with smooth sides and an air-tight sealed gasket kept moisture, dirt and dust out. Friends and business associates soon persuaded Halliburton to make additional cases. As a result, a small factory was opened in Southern California.

Continuous Advancement

With a focus on improving the original design, Mr. Halliburton challenged his development team to make the most durable case even better. Their finding: structural integrity of the case could be dramatically increased by adding dual styling ribs. Production of this new model began in 1946. The dual ribs have evolved and are still being used on cases currently produced.

Expansion and Growth

By the late 1940's the new cases had attracted customers worldwide. The distinct look and unsurpassed durability attracted European royalty, Hollywood stars and smart travelers searching for the strongest case on the market.

In 1968 the Halliburton Case Company joined ZERO Corporation creating the moniker we are known by today – ZERO HALLIBURTON. In 2006, ZERO HALLIBURTON was purchased by ACE: the largest luggage wholesaler/manufacturer in Japan, thus creating a path towards a future of expanding the brand both domestically and internationally.

Film, Television and Space

The distinguished look and unsurpassed durability of ZERO HALLIBURTON cases have lead to unique opportunities for the brand. Over the years our cases have appeared in over 300 films and television shows including Lost, Mission Impossible, Inception, Ocean’s Eleven, Men in Black and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. In addition, ZERO HALLIBURTON provided slightly modified cases to NASA in 1969 to use on Apollo 11. The aluminum cases were used to safely carry moon rocks and soil samples back to Earth.


As travel has changed, so has ZERO HALLIBURTON. From adding a series of lightweight attaches and travel cases to the addition of advanced wheel systems, ZERO HALLIBURTON has products fitting the needs of today’s travelers. Advancements in materials and technologies over the years have enabled ZERO HALLIBURTON to introduce lighter-weight aluminum and polycarbonate items. In 2013, our 75th anniversary, our assortment of aluminum products expanded. Geo Aluminum Collection represents our first major redesign of our aluminum cases in decades. The result is a distinct aluminum collection built with the most advanced materials and details to meet the demands of our customers.

Enhancements and a redesign were also seen in our aluminum attache and laptop cases. ZERO HALLIBURTON now boasts three distinct collections: the traditional and classic Premier Series, the lightweight and compact Slimline Series and the all new Geo Attache collection. In addition, for the ultimate in luxury, protection and style, Zero Halliburton has created an attache with the most advanced material available today – carbon fiber. The three and four inch Stealth attaches also feature a luxurious interior lined with custom red leather.

Advancements in polycarbonate technology have allowed ZERO HALLIBURTONn to develop lighter cases while maintaining durability and strength. The current assortment consists of: the traditional Classic Polycarbonate, the all new Geo Polycarbonate, the ultra-lightweight Zero Air and the fully featured Zero Whirl.

New York Flagship Store

2013 also marked the opening of ZERO HALLIBURTON's first flagship store in America. This 1,600 square foot location contains the full line of ZERO HALLIBURTON products including luggage, business cases, accessories and day bags. Located on Madison Avenue and 42nd Street (just steps away from Grand Central Terminal) this prime location will serve as a stage for the ZERO HALLIBURTON brand's global re-launch.