ZH Tri-Fold Garment Sleeve

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The ZH Tri-Fold Garment Sleeve is every explorer’s imperative for looking sharp. Specially designed to protect suits, dresses, and other important fashion statements, the three-fold design minimizes wrinkles as well as the stress of packing. The precise folds of the thick nylon fabric create an efficient use of space while the intelligent shape also lays flush against the edges of our 22-inch International Carry-On cases. For further versatility, the bag also accommodates most hangers, so whether you’re heading to London or Los Cabos, your impeccable style will always remain intact.

  • Thick Nylon exterior in black with ZH Blue trim
  • Silky ZH Blue interior lining with embroidered ZH monogram pattern
  • Padded luggage straps to protect garments and minimize wrinkling
  • YKK zipper
  • Lays flush with 22” carry-on
  • Boxed and suitable for gifting
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