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Aluminum iPhone 7 Case

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0.1lb / 5.1W x 0.3D x 2.3H in
0.0kg / 13.0W x 0.9D x 5.8H cm

The Aluminum iPhone 7 Case is designed to protect and support your iPhone 7 with style and panache. Made of high-grade anodized aluminum, this iPhone 7 case is the perfect accessory for the savvy connoisseur.

  • Utilizes high-grade anodized aluminum.
  • Aluminum case features openings to accommodate volume buttons, speakers, and charger.
  • Case is sized to fit iPhone 7 with or without clear screen protector.
  • Designed with Zero Hallliburton's iconic double rib design.
  • Wrapped edge provides additional drop protection and security for your iPhone 7.
  • Your iPhone 7 simply slides in place in just a few easy steps (instructions are included with the packaging).
  • Available in Black, Gold, Red, and Silver.
Special Note: According to cellular providers, protective phone covers may affect your phone's reception strength. Other factors that may also affect your signal strength include, but are not limited to, building materials and construction, inclement weather, the SIM card, installed applications, and proximity to towers. Warranty: Initial defect only.

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Silver

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0.1lb / 3.1"W x 0.4"D x 5.9"H
0.0kg / 8.0W x 1.0D x 15.0H cm


0.1lb / 3.1"W x 0.4"D x 5.9"H
0.0kg / 8.0W x 1.0D x 15.0H cm

$50.00   $25.00

0.1lb / 5.1"W x 0.3"D x 2.3"H
0.0kg / 13.0W x 0.9D x 5.8H cm


0.0lb / 18.0"W x 6.0"D x 13.0"H
0.0kg / 45.7W x 15.2D x 33.0H cm

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0.2kg / 27.9W x 10.8D x 10.2H cm


0.0lb / 0.0"W x 0.0"D x 0.0"H
0.0kg / 0.0W x 0.0D x 0.0H cm

$60.00   $30.00

0.8lb / 11.5"W x 7.0"D x 20.0"H
0.4kg / 29.2W x 17.8D x 50.8H cm