How to Overcome the Fear of Flying

by Zero Halliburton

Many people around the world have a fear of flying. Travelers are no different, and many find getting on a plane very stressful and nerve-wracking. A fear of flying is natural and this fear varies in degree and intensity from person to person.

Some travelers are anxious about turbulence, while some only fear take-offs and landings. There are those who suffer from claustrophobia and some who even fear heights and shun windows on planes. Flying in the night, during rain, and over large water bodies can put people on edge as well. Despite statistics that show flying is safer than driving, fear is something that many travelers experience when it comes to flying. But don’t worry, as there are ways to overcome these fears; at least you should learn to live with them so that it won’t jeopardize your ability to travel the world and see new places.

These days, a lot of major airports and airlines have classes and advice for travelers who fear flying. They teach flyers about the mechanics of a plane, so that those who are afraid have a better understanding of its inner workings. Psychologists and counselors can also be a great help to get over phobias and anxiety over flying. There are also more cost-effective options and online message boards where you can find plenty of like-minded people with good advice for anxious travelers.

Tips for Fearful Travelers

If you find that you have a long-distance trip or business travel coming up, and you don’t have time for counseling sessions, here are some ways that you can keep calm during your travel:

  • Keep some fun and interesting distractions in your carry on luggage. Lighthearted things that occupy your mind are a great way to keep from stressing about the fact that you’re on a plane. Magazines, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, music, a book, and even watching a movie or television show can keep your mind distracted.
  • Talk to your traveling companion, flight attendant, or the person in the next seat. Express that you have a fear and that you may express this fear during the flight. Flight attendants may offer some tried and tested solutions of their own, and can be very understanding. However, make sure you don’t try their patience.
  • Some people opt to have a drink online to relax. This may help but shouldn’t become a habit. Alcohol leads to dehydration and on long flights, or when you travel internationally, this dehydration can lead to other problems. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated and healthy.
  • For some people, moving around on the flight helps calm them down. Once the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign has been turned off, feel free to stretch your legs and take a walk.
  • Many flyers opt for sleep medication and anti-anxiety pills when they travel. Doctors can prescribe these for people who have extreme fears that are difficult to overcome. These should be considered a last resort, and not really a long-term solution to the fear of flying.
  • There are a few who take comfort in reading statistics about how many planes there are in the air at any given time, and how many planes take off and land safely each hour. This drives home the point that flight-related accidents are very rare.

It’s very important to not let the fear of flying ground you and prevent you from traveling. The world is a big, beautiful place and flying by plane is only a way to get to your destination. Once there, you’ll be too busy checking out the sights and enjoying the cultural experiences to worry about the trip. Be sure to check out our range of convenient and lightweight luggage; it’ll be one less thing to worry about on your trip. Have a happy and safe journey!


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