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Thank you for purchasing your ZERO HALLIBURTON product! As an added bonus, several ZERO HALLIBURTON product collections now include the complimentary ZERO GLOBAL TRACKING (ZGT) feature. ZERO GLOBAL TRACKING is a unique, useful, and recommended feature that can reunite ZERO HALLIBURTON Owners with their misplaced, lost, or stolen product. Though these scenarios are quite rare, the ZERO GLOBAL TRACKING system can be utilized in the unlikely event that you actually experience any of these situations.

The ZERO GLOBAL TRACKING system is centered on the unique 12-digit Tracking Number or UID (Unique Identification Code) that is located on the ZGT Plate (usually on the exterior of your product). You, the Owner, will register your unique ZGT/UID Number and current contact information into our ZERO GLOBAL TRACKING Database by visiting our website:, where you will open and activate your account*.

Zero Halliburton Global Tracking Program Plate Sample

When a lost, misplaced, or stolen item is found that has the ZERO HALLIBURTON GLOBAL TRACKING feature – and has been previously registered by the Owner, the Finder will have notified us at and inputted their contact information and included any additional details of condition and relevance. The ZERO HALLIBURTON TRACKING Program will, in turn, notify you, the Owner, of the status and provide information pertaining to your recovering of the item.

Please register your product immediately after purchase to activate the ZERO GLOBAL TRACKING feature! Upon your registry, you will also be included to receive select notifications of special ZERO HALLIBURTON events, exclusive offers, and new product introductions.

*You may scan the QR Code and go directly to the site; some information will then be filled-in automatically.