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26" Spinner Travel Case

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Experience the blend of heritage and innovation with the Classic Lightweight 3.0 - 26" Spinner Travel Case. Showcasing Zero Halliburton's iconic design in durable polycarbonate, it's your secure, stylish, and reliable travel companion.

Color: BLUE
Group 3 Copy 4 Comprehensive Warranty

We are proud to present the Classic Lightweight 3.0 - 26" Spinner Travel Case.This model is an embodiment of Zero Halliburton's storied heritage and defining qualities, meticulously designed in durable polycarbonate. It offers the contemporary traveler an ideal balance of lightness and enduring appeal. This luggage piece isn't just a travel accessory; it's your reliable companion on all your adventures.

This suitcase showcases a signature double-rib design, paying homage to the brand's iconic aesthetic. We've updated the caster and handle design and introduced new exciting colors, giving this lightweight series of polycarbonate suitcases a revitalized look and feel.

  • The suitcase handle incorporates a damper, allowing for a smooth, quiet return.
  • The suitcase rolls effortlessly on twin-wheel casters, engineered with ball-bearings.
  • Your security is assured with a TSA approved Lock, making check-ins worry-free while your luggage remains securely locked.
  • Inside, you'll find a compression feature that maintains balance in your luggage, preventing shifts caused by changes in packing volume.
  • Sized for versatility, this case is your go-to choice for trips spanning from 5 to 7 days.
  • Group 3 Weight: 11.5lbs / 5.2kg
  • Group 23 Width: 19in / 48.3cm
  • Group 18 Depth: 10in / 25.4cm
  • Height: 29in / 73.7cm
  • Capacity: 63l


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