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International Carry-On

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Experience the Classic Lightweight 3.0 International Carry-on by Zero Halliburton, blending timeless elegance with modern functionality. This sleek polycarbonate suitcase provides effortless maneuverability and secure TSA approved Lock for a seamless travel experience. Elevate your journey with Zero Halliburton's innovative heritage.

Color: BLUE
Group 3 Copy 4 Comprehensive Warranty

Introducing the Classic Lightweight 3.0 International Carry-on, a contemporary polycarbonate luggage that embodies the brand's DNA and heritage while catering to modern travelers' needs. This elegant evolution of a travel companion exudes timeless allure. It is designed to be your ideal partner on every journey.

Boasting a classic double-ribbed body design, the Classic Lightweight 3.0 showcases a refreshed look with updated caster and handle designs and various new color options to suit your style. This suitcase is made from durable polycarbonate and offers the perfect blend of strength and weightlessness.

  • The auto-return handle, featuring a damper for ease of use and noise reduction.
  • Dual-wheel ball-bearing casters with built-in bearings ensure a smooth and effortless rolling experience.
  • Equipped with a TSA approved Lock, allowing for secure luggage check-in while locked.
  • The interior is designed with a compression feature to prevent uneven weight distribution caused by varying luggage loads.
  • Ideally suited for 2-3 day trips, this carry-on is compatible with international and domestic aircraft flights with 100 seats or more.
  • Group 3 Weight: 7.5lbs / 3.4kg
  • Group 23 Width: 14in / 35.6cm
  • Group 18 Depth: 9in / 22.9cm
  • Height: 19in / 48.3cm
  • Capacity: 32l


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