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Large Travel Case 83L

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Color: BLACK
Group 3 Copy 4 Comprehensive Warranty

This case, part of the latest advancement in the Classic Lightweight series, is tailored for travelers planning trips of 7 to 10 days. It combines enhanced lightweight construction with ample space, featuring an 83-liter capacity that adheres to international standards for free checked luggage to avoid extra fees. Available in matte BLACK, gloss WHITE, and brushed finish SILVER, this case is designed with dual-wheel casters for smooth maneuverability and noise-reducing tires for quieter transit, epitomizing travel convenience. Equipped with a TSA-approved zipper lock for enhanced security, it allows your belongings to remain secure yet accessible for checks. This travel case is a testament to Zero Halliburton’s commitment to functional elegance, offering a reliable and stylish companion for extended adventures.

  • Dual-Wheel Casters: Experience unparalleled maneuverability with the advanced dual-wheel casters, allowing for effortless directional changes and a smoother glide.
  • Silent Casters: Employing tires that minimize noise, the Classic Lightweight 4.0 ensures a quiet and comfortable transit, making every journey more enjoyable.
  • TS Dial Zipper Lock: Equipped with a TS-approved dial zipper lock, this luggage allows for secure check-in without compromising accessibility, providing peace of mind throughout your travels.
  • Group 3 Weight: 11.5lbs / 5.2kg
  • Group 23 Width: 20.1in / 51.1cm
  • Group 18 Depth: 10.2in / 25.9cm
  • Height: 30.3in / 77.0cm
  • Capacity: 83l


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