Zero Halliburton Introduces New Compact Trunk to Its Renowned Collection of Travel Cases
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Zero Halliburton’s Edge Lightweight Brilliant Compact Trunk delivers a pragmatic packing solution in a unique silhouette

NEW YORK, May 18, 2022 — American travel brand Zero Halliburton today announced the Edge Lightweight Brilliant Compact Portable Trunk, a case designed to make traveling more fun through greater packing utility and superior agility. Made of high-tech polycarbonate, the Compact Trunk is a sleek alternative to traditionally shaped check-in luggage. Its distinctive shape is constructed with deep troughs to enable significant packing volume in a lean footprint.

This new Brilliant Compact Trunk, part of the brand’s popular Edge Lightweight Collection, has a luxurious high-gloss finish on the exterior, while its patented case design provides legendary protection to the belongings inside. Ideal for adventures that require extra gear, the Compact Portable Trunk inspires a transcendent travel experience with advanced mobility enhanced by Zero Halliburton’s expertise in crafting elegant yet durable luggage.

Distinguished from other travel trunks, the ZH Compact Trunk employs the brand’s patented ZH Chassis™ system with high-performance ball-bearing wheels to ensure a smooth glide over any terrain, and a distinctive scalloped grip handle that enables easy lifting for the passenger, whether it be at the baggage carousel or in-and-out of the trunk of a vehicle. The Edge Lightweight Brilliant Compact Portable Trunk is designed to make the packing process easy and stress-free, making it the go-to case of the summer - ideal for all getaways from family road trips to destination weddings and everything in between.

The Edge Lightweight Brilliant Compact Trunk is available in brilliant black, brilliant gray, or brilliant navy exclusively online at and at the Zero Halliburton Madison Avenue showroom for $695.