Introducing New Sizes in the Classic Aluminum 3.0 Series
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The Classic Aluminum 3.0: A Blend of Iconic Design and Functional Excellence

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our "Classic Aluminum 3.0" luggage series, a line that epitomizes the essence of our brand's heritage. Known for its distinctive double-ribbed design, the Classic Aluminum 3.0 series stands as a testament to both aesthetic elegance and practical functionality. This series has been crafted for the discerning traveler who seeks both style and ease of use in their journeys.

New Sizes for Every Travel Need

Understanding that each journey is unique, we have introduced new sizes to the Classic Aluminum 3.0 range, ensuring that there is a perfect match for every type of travel. The series now boasts four sizes designed to cater to different travel needs and durations. Whether it's a short business trip or an extended vacation, you will find a size that fits your requirements perfectly.

Size Specifications:

  • 28L: Ideal for short trips and as a carry-on.
  • 33L: A versatile choice for various travel durations.
  • 59L: Perfect for longer stays.
  • 88L: Spacious and suitable for extended travel.

Note: The 28L, 59L, and 88L are the new additions to the series.

Color Options to Suit Your Style

  • Silver: Timeless and classic.
  • Black: Sleek and sophisticated.
  • Sunset Gold: Bold and beautiful.

Each luggage piece in the Classic Aluminum 3.0 series is not just a container for your belongings but a symbol of your travel style and preferences. With the new sizes, we invite you to experience travel comfort and elegance like never before. Embrace the journey with the Classic Aluminum 3.0 – where every trip becomes a stylish expedition.

Classic Aluminum 3.0