ZERO HALLIBURTON Appoints Professional Soccer Star Kaoru Mitoma as Brand Ambassador
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ZERO HALLIBURTON is pleased to announce that professional soccer player Kaoru Mitoma has been appointed as a brand ambassador.

Kaoru Mitoma is a professional soccer player who meticulously analyzes himself and relentlessly pursues excellence in his soccer career. His exceptional talent and passion, along with his presence that is beloved by many fans, embody the spirit of ZERO HALLIBURTON's brand concept: "In Pursuit."

Through our collaboration with Mr. Mitoma, we are confident that we can fully realize the potential of our brand and convey the allure of Zero Halliburton to a wider audience.

The campaign featuring key visuals of Mr. Mitoma will be launched in September 2024.

Kaoru Mitoma's Comment on Being Appointed as Brand Ambassador

"I am honored to be appointed as an ambassador for the historic ZERO HALLIBURTON brand. My first encounter with ZERO HALLIBURTON was when I visited their shop at a shopping mall during my middle school years. My first impression was that it was a famous brand. My brother also used it, making it a familiar presence and a brand I always wanted to try someday."

Kaoru Mitoma Profile

Kaoru Mitoma was born on May 20, 1997, in Oita Prefecture and raised in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. He started playing soccer in earnest at the age of seven with Saginuma SC. In the third grade, he passed the selection for Kawasaki Frontale U-12 and joined the team. He remained in Kawasaki Frontale's youth academy until his senior year of high school. To achieve success with the Japanese national team and overseas clubs, he declined the offer to join the top team and instead enrolled at Tsukuba University. In his second year, he made a significant impact on the soccer world by scoring two goals against the J1 team Vegalta Sendai in the Emperor's Cup.

Afterward, in 2020, he joined Kawasaki Frontale's first team and made his J1 League debut, setting a rookie record with 13 goals and 12 assists, contributing to the team's J-League championship and Emperor's Cup victory. In August 2021, he transferred to Brighton & Hove Albion FC in the Premier League and, after a loan spell at Belgian club Royale Union Saint-Gilloise, made his Premier League debut in 2022. During the World Cup in Qatar from November to December of the same year, he played a crucial role as Japan's "secret weapon," making a globally acclaimed assist in the decisive goal against Spain that secured Japan's place in the knockout stage.

In his first Premier League season, he set a record for the most goals scored by a Japanese player with seven league goals. In his second season, he scored a sensational goal against Wolverhampton in the second match, earning the Premier League Goal of the Month award, further establishing himself as a memorable and impactful player both in the UK and internationally.