The Original Aluminum Suitcase

Created in 1938 by an American industrialist. Sought after for the world’s greatest journeys. Emboldened with a new groundbreaking design and legendary strength for the next generation of pioneers.

The World’s Most Recognizable Attaché Case

The ultimate power accessory of superheroes, supervillains - and the most famous secret agent in history.

Reinvented for 21st Century innovators, tastemakers and entrepreneurs.

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Premier Carry-On Luggage Experience

Our Carry-On Collection offers an array of cabin-sized, wheeled luggage crafted from ultra-protective aluminum and lightweight polycarbonate. Designed with thoughtful features, various color choices, and a range of sizes, it ensures the ideal case for every traveler.

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Crafted for the Stars, Built for Your Journey.

Zero Halliburton's heritage is rooted in the pioneering spirit of 1938, introducing the first aluminum cases for strength and security. A symbol of American innovation, the brand has a rich history, including carrying lunar samples from Apollo 11 and featuring in over 200 films.